Our virtual tour: an extraordinarily real experience

Now you can see how our products and services are created and developed without physically visiting the company. The virtual tour is a really convenient tool, giving you full access to Amsagomma from your PC or mobile device.

Ultra high definition 3D photography lets you view the company as if you were actually on-site. You can also skip from one zone to another as you please for a complete, in-depth exploration of the company premises.

A menu lists the main company areas for rapid access. You can go straight to the external area, entrance, design office, laboratory, manufacturing area and warehouse, as you wish. The 3D company site map of the site, always on display, shows your chosen area highlighted in red.

The visit experience is enhanced with short videos, featuring the areas listed above and the activities taking place there.

The virtual tour is integrated into our website. To get access credentials, simply fill in the contact form below and wait for our email response.

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